Ruler Roundup™ is the perfect way to
organize your rulers, cutting mats, and
patterns into one place as you sew.
It’s designed not for just functionality,
but to add style to your sewing room. It’s
available in four different colors: Aqua,
Red, Hot Pink and Green. Add some color to your sewing studio


Ruler Roundup™ slot holders are deep and are 1/4 inch thick to hold your rulers perfectly. It can hold your wide rulers and cutting mats in the back end slot without it falling or tipping over.

The front slots are perfect for your smaller rulers for easy access and can even hold patterns as you sew. It’s an easy and afforadble way to declutter and allow you to find the tools you need quickly.

“So functional and will be a great addition to your sewing room.

We designed it for design and functionality!”Tamara Brown - Designer and Creator