Photography by: Tamara Brown

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About Shari Butler

Since childhood Shari Butler has always been involved with the arts and crafts following in the footsteps of her mother. Whether it’s from tickling the ivory keyboard, singing a song, or doodling on a piece of paper, She always has something brewing in her creative mind and spirit.

Shari’s beautiful work is populated with vintage like characters and whimsical designs that are inspired from her childhood. With the opportunities of freelancing with some national companies, she was inspired to follow her own dream and to search for her own creative niche.

Shari fell in love with quilting, sewing and the idea of fabric. She loves and is inspired by the idea that someday when someone makes a quilt with her designs it will be passed down from generation to generation. When she found Riley Blake Designs, she found her passion and dream job in designing fabric. She has some surprises up her sleeve.

Her style is vintage with a modern twist in her surface designs. She is always exploring the arts, and how to increase her skill set through all different types of media. She is always seeking new endeavors to expound her artwork into other markets. As a surface designer, she’s always in the creative mode.

Shari lives in Utah with her husband, Dan and their two puppies, Reeses and Benji.

Her clients include: Riley Blake Designs, Mini Lou Designs, Aurifil Thread, and Digiplayground.

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